Saturday, September 26, 2009

Live from Sanford Stadium

Again with the weather....

Absent rain, I'll have my thoughts and observations from Sanford Stadium and the tailgate scene in Athens.  Check back for updates...
•Well, we've had fun today. The Arizona State folks are out in force.
•the rain has started. I hear we will get wet.
•i chatted with Bernie. What an awesome guy.
•We are at the stadium. The rain is pouring. Ms.Bulldoginexile and I are drinking under the bridge.
If I can't update more...
•Tanyard Creek is nearly up to the culverts on the West side of the staduim. This is unreal.
•A member of the tennis team just asked if we would play.
• Oh yeah, Mark Fox stopped by our tailgate. He is a cool guy.
• I'll have video and pics from the rain later or tomorrow.
Go Dawgs!

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