Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live from Fayetteville

You know the drill.  Absent bad weather, I'll update the blog through the afternoon tailgating and during the game with amusing anecdotes or stories I just plain make up.  I'll also give my thoughts on the game, as it progresses.

•We're loving Doe's Eat Place. They serve steak by the pound. •So, the people. Where are they?
•well, the Florida and Southern Cal games should show that no one is untouchable this season.
•They cheer First downs here a little too much. How very Big 10 of them.
•-5 on the season.
•-6 on the season.
•Ok, I want to brag, but I'll keep quiet. The Hooters Whisperer wants to make a statement.
•Uncle Mark is in the house. So is Tom Stoval. Good to see both of them.
• The battery is dying so I might be done.
•I have 500 miles to think about the joy and pain of the game. I'll have more later or tomorrow.


  1. If you see a kid with oddly spaced eyes and a banjo....RUN!

    You are far too valuable to the Bulldog Nation to be psychologically damaged by a Ned Beatty style incident.

  2. Fortunately, Ned Beatty is quite handsome, comparably speaking...