Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If You Are Going to be Stupid, You Have to be Tough

I was thinking of staying out of the fray of the LeGarrette Blount punchgate affair. I didn't see it happen, I only watched half the game, and I know about his pregame comments. Certainly, nothing will change what was caught on camera.

Let's look at the facts:  Blount underperformed.  Blount sucker punched Houts.  Blount absolutely freaking lost it. Houts showed incredible classlessness.  Yeah, that's right: Houts is culpable.

Whatever Blount has coming his way beyond a year long suspension (perhaps a transfer to Tennessee?), Houts deserves far more than 'spending time with' his head coach this week.  Look, during a game, giving trash talk back is both widely accepted and expected.  After a win, unless Houts was saying "Good game, good luck," he is culpable.  Don't think Houts did something worthy of derision?  Look at the video with his Coach pulling him aside immediately before he becomes AJ Shackelford to Blount's Ron Artest.  I don't think the Coach was telling him "burnnnnnn!1!".

Am I the only one that felt just a little bit good when Houts gets staggery after the punch (I hate to agree with Deadspin)?

Didn't think so.

Look, I don't condone the punch, Blount's actions, Blount's pregame comments, Blount's attitude after the punch, Blount's fighting his team mates, fans, police and the devil, had he been close by.  However, to pretend like Houts was an innocent victim here is just ridiculous.  Had Blount punched Houts in the game, I would say Houts is in the clear (much in the way I feel Georgia was ok with celebrating after the first TD of the 2007 Florida game, but was embarrassed by the way they reacted at Vandy that year).  During the game, the rules are just different.

That being said, I was quite impressed with the way Oklahoma State players and fans comported themselves on Saturday.  Other than the "Orange Power" chat with Sturdivant injured on the field, they were fun, engaging and gracious in victory.  I had no fewer than 20 people thank me for making the trip, for showing good sportsmanship myself and expressing the view that they might have gotten a lucky break or two.  I certainly didn't have the same experience Kyle did in the stands.  Yeah, "Big 12, Big 12, Big 12" is a bit pedantic, but in their fans' defense, the Georgia section broke out "SEC, SEC, SEC" WAY too early in the game.  That comeback was fair.

After the game, on the walk to the car, the worst taunt I heard was 'enjoy the drive,' which in hindsight was more about my personal feelings about having to drive to Illinois.

Oklahoma State Cowboys, my hat's off to you and your fans.  You acted like you have been there before.  Thanks and please go have a big season.  We need you to.


As an aside, I want to give a shout out to Captain Adam Crane and his wife Juliana (Crumbley) Crane.  Juliana is from Homerville, near my hometown.  We sat behind them at the game and they had a great story about meeting at a game, getting engaged at a game and this was his first game back after deployment.  Captain Crane, thanks for your service.  Y'all are DGDs.
Captain Adam and Juliana Crane

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  1. I'm no expert lip reader - in other words, I have never been paid for this particular skill. However, I am pretty sure this is what Houts said:

    "How about THAT ass-whooping? B-I-T-C-H"

    I am certain he called Blount a bitch. I think Houts next smooth move is to go down to Ciudad Jaurez and call some Mexicano parolee "Cabron". Only this time it might be more than a TKO punch come back at him.

    Blount got what he deserved. Houts... not so much. He is a punk too.