Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here Comes the Rain Again...

Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion

Well, at least the rain fell. After the game, I was alternately confused, elated, mad, dumbfounded and excited. I was, like everyone else, very wet.

In the end, AJ Green was the difference. While I agree with Tony Barnhardt, the Dawgs are lucky to have AJ Green, but not for the reasons he espouses. Saying Georgia wouldn't be where they are without him is a ridiculous statement, not for the reasoning, but for the shear lack of common sense. Any team would be lost without their best player. Georgia is lucky to have AJ Green because any program in the world would have taken him. It just so happens that Georgia's coaches did the best job recruiting him. I am proud he is a Dawg.

I don't have any grand revelation. This team is an adventure each week. For those of you with gripes about the defense the last two weeks? How does 204 yards of offense surrendered sound? For those of you that have complaints about the O line? Joe wasn't rushed but on about five of his 34 or so pass plays (32 attempts, plus his two 'rushes'). Need some pass rush? Send in Justin Houston. Tired of uninspired special teams play? Let's block another kick attemept and keep Arizona State pinned deep on kickoffs.

For those of you who want to be smug in your assertion that SOMEONE has to be fired, Mike Bobo gets to be in the cross-hairs this week. For those that are convinced it is time to move on down the QB rung 'for the future's sake,' Joe Cox threw the two easiest ints since Bradbury Robinson legally heaved the rock for St. Louis University in 1906. For those of you who just know that the coaches are lax on penalties, the Oline gave you exhibits 15-19 that you are right.

For those of you worried about how empty the stadium would look once it got to 21-3, as it appeared it would before half time, there is this team's maddening ability to keep any opponent close. Turnovers, boneheaded penalties and some pretty questionable play calling all lead to Blair Walsh showing why we were all so exctied about his signing two years ago.

I remain firmly in the 'a win is a win' camp. I have to admit, I feel better about this win than I did about the SC and Arkansas wins. Perhaps it is the nature of the win, that Georgia did something affirmative to win, as opposed to needing a stop to win. Perhaps it is that I am old skool and prefer a strong defensive performance to a WAC game. Perhaps I am just sentimental and this felt more like home: close, defensive, never really feeling like we were going to lose, but nervous we could.

Finally, I think Arizona State is a better team that we thought and the people give them credit for. I don't think they are to the point of beating USC or Cal good, but they are certainly candidates for an 8+ win season. That defense of theirs is stout, led by Burfict. No wonder the Trojan faithful had a fit (or alternately had conspriracy theories on his eligibility). That guy is the real deal.

A tough game lies ahead, focus we must.

Go Dawgs!

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