Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day - Final thoughts on Okie State

Coffee break's over, back on your head....

That punch line to a joke that frankly I cannot remember is all I have. Yeah, Georgia lost a ball game. While there were plenty of reasons for Georgia to lose on Saturday, several you can see emerging from my comments during the game:
  • The passing game has to get legs. There were too many passes that were periously close to being picked off. There were too many routes that seemed to be lacklusterly run. There were too many blocking assignments that were given up on.
  • Say what you want to about Matt Millen, when he realizes we were got out of the running game too early, then well.....we got out of the running game too early.
  • The officials. Who needs them (ok, they were only a contributing factor, but after watching the game, I am madder about the officiating than I was after the game).
  • Hey, I played defense. The reason I did was I had bad hands. It looked to me that a couple of guys on offense might need to look into that.
  • When Matt Millen thinks you have to get back to your running game, well......seriously.
Defense, however, was not one of those reasons. I am with Kyle, if you would have told me that Oklahoma State only had 24 points, with the Dawgs giving up three turnovers, I would have told you I smoked a cigar and walked home a winner. Coach Martinez took his lumps last year. This game is one that he is to be commended for. His players and his game plan kept Oklahoma State's offense largely in check. Zac Robinson only had 170 or so yards of offense. Dez Bryant only caught three passes (granting two were for TDs, but only one of those was a first team All American play). Kendall Hunter had 75 yards on 23 carries. The defense held its end of the bargain.

Things I was happy to see:

  • Marcus Dowtin. Seven tackles and an assist. I had a sense through the game that someone was stepping up, but didn't realized Dowtin had all those tackles until I looked at the stats.
  • Blitzing. No sacks doesn't mean it didn't work. Oklahoma State didn't drop a pass that I saw. Robinson had 11 completions. Nearly all of his 11 incompletions were a result of Georgia's pressure or solid defensive backfield play. I have a feeling Rennie Curran and Stephen Garcia are going to be very acquainted next Saturday night.
  • Nice punt average. I know the punts were too low. I know that could end up being a big deal later (and likely will unless Butler gets more hang time or Fabris stops being such a hard head about who he puts on coverage teams). For this game, it was a big deal.
Final thoughts:
  • I hate it for Trinton Sturdivant. I hate it even more, because he was down on the turf while the Okie State fans were chanting "Orange Power." Based on how gracious and friendly everyone was before, during and after the game, I will chalk it up to lack of knowledge of football etiquette. Good luck Trinton.
  • Joe Cox is much closer to being Joe T III than David Green. I loved Joe T and really hoped he would have a successful season. He didn't.
  • For all the talk about not waiting for someone else to step it up, it sure felt that way on Georgia's final two drives.
  • Richard Samuel had some brilliant runs and awesome blocks. That being said, I hope Caleb King is back soon, if for no other reason to give a more power running look to the offense at times. Or to pick up some yards after the first contact.
  • I have stayed away from questioning Mike Bobo's play calling in the past. However, it has to be more imaginative than it was after the second drive if we are to have a winning season. To put it another way, it really felt like he just didn't want to have many more running plays than passing plays (for a much better treatment, see The Senator's thoughts on it).
  • I hope we see more of Orson Charles and Arthur Lynch going forward.
  • As nice as the people were and the setting was, I stand by my prior statement: Until you can regularly sell out your stadium, you aren't big time. Okie State set a record at 53K+ and it still wasn't a sell out.
  • We will not get 100+ yards in penalties many times this year. After watching the game on TV, I cannot argue with the block in the back call against the Dawgs on the early punt return. I couldn't find one to save my life on the one in the fourth quarter.
Let me ask you this: Does this loss feel better than any of the three last year? I say yes, but I am an optimist. We have the SEC opener on Saturday.



  1. I keep tellin myself that in 2007 we were 1-1 after OK State and Carolina, and I know which one I want back now. Here's to last Saturday being the blame of a sick quarterback and missing 2nd runner in the backfield, and a Big 12 ref crew. Stayin Positive.
    Go Dawgs

  2. Hey, I interviewed an optimist Saturday. I like hanging around you type of people.

    If Bobo ain't feelin' any pressure....we need to check his pulse. That was probably his worst game as a play caller. The entire offense look out of sync. And Hale's analysis this morning is telling.

    I firmly believe the talent is there, O coaches just need to find the same page. Hopefully that started yesterday afternoon.

  3. Good game, closer than the score. But come on Dawg fans, it wasn't the refs (look at the penalty #s), or Cox (Robinson looked rusty also). You turned the ball over 3-0. When two teams are close, you turn it over, you lose.

    And what's this bashing the team you just lost to? It makes you look weak. We don't know how good or bad OSU is yet. We shall see.

    Good luck the rest of the season, Beat the Cocks!