Friday, September 11, 2009

Game Week Around the Blogs

  • Bernie takes a critical, both meanings of critical, look at the kicking game while "Kick'n it with Fabris" and "Rex".
  • Earl at Bubba n Earl calls out TGCPE for copycatting.
  • Quinton draws an interesting parallel between the Georgia Football program and boxing.
  • I'm guessing the Senator isn't feeling it, by the tone of this post, which was laugh out loud funny to me.
  • An Opinion on Sports opines about the FSU-Miami game, asking the same thing I asked: Are these two really good teams or was it just one really good game.
  • The Grit Tree's Wednesday Grizzard has one of my favs, even more so now that I am a father.
  • Macon Dawg at Dawg Sports has his over/unders up. Go with the over on defense and under on offense.
Here's hoping our Cox is tougher than their Cocks.

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