Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From the Mailbag

One of the cool parts of having a blog is that you get to pontificate about pretty much whatever you want, without your wife, girlfriend or both pointing out the logical inconsistencies in your arguement. Another is being able to espouse views that if you were in a conversation, you would never be able to defend because you aren't quick witted enough.

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As I was saying, the cool part about writing a blog is sharing your thoughts. A reader, Thomas Simpson, a Wayross native living in Kansas City, recently sent me an email that asked the following question:

Is Branden Smith the fastest Dawg since Herschel? Faster than either Champ and Jammi German?

I would have to say, I think he is the fastest Georgia football player since Champ Bailey. He certainly has the best quickness since Champ Bailey, taking nothing away from other speedsters since 2000 such as Asher Allen, Demario Minter, Tyson Browning and Demiko Goodman . I mean Goodman posted sub 46 seconds in the 400 meter and sub 21 seconds in the 200 meter events in high school at Newnan. Smith is faster than that.

Even Brandon Boykin thinks Smith is faster than he is. I made reference earlier this week to the talent on this team and speed is one of the areas I was talking about. Georgia is faster now, top to bottom, than at anytime I have seen since those teams in the late 90s with Champ, Olandis Gary and Robert Edwards. Throw Rantavious Wooten, Isreal Troupe and Bryan Evans in there, they are a speedy group. That is on both sides of the ball speed.

But I have to say on Saturday, at least, Branden Smith was the fastest of them all. As Coach Richt said,
“I know that little joker is fast." Yeah, he is.

Go Dawgs!

My thanks to Thomas Simpson for the question.

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  1. L'esprit de l'escalier.

    I'm not going to dumb it down for some bonehead mass audience.