Thursday, September 24, 2009

From the Cornfield - On the Road Again

We are loading the family truckster up and headed South tonight. All of the Exiles are rolling, with an eta of Friday morning.

Is this Heaven? No, it's Athens.

With that, I do have a couple of further thoughts about the game:

First, should I be nervous about the apparent lack of concern from the coaches about the penalties? While I don't think it will be as important in this game, we cannot continue to give up a football field's worth of yardage and expect to win many football games in the SEC. Especially on the offensive line. Proceedure penalties are the worse. They aren't a result of aggression.

Second, will we survive the inevitable bad game on the offensive side of the ball if it happens in this game?

Third, what is the over/under on number of times I hear the call for CWM's firing if Rudy Carpenter Danny Sullivan (thanks, I was looking at last year's stats and on a roll when I typed this) has more than 250 yards in offense, 3TDs, and/or 4 20 yard pass completions? Will I be one of those calling for it?

Third, is there any way we could get five or six sacks in this game? Just for me? Please?

Be safe, y'all. See you in Athens.

Go Dawgs!

Look! It's Bulldog in Exile.


  1. If Rudy throws for even 1 yard on us we know they'll be cheatin'.

    Drive safe.

  2. FYI...Rudy graduated and is on the Cowboys practice squad I believe.

  3. Appreciate it. Although according to OShea, it did seem Carpenter had been there for nearly 8 seasons.

  4. Enjoy the trip back to God's country, my friend.

  5. It's gonna be tough for ASU to be competitive seeing as they'll never score, they are abysmal on offense. I'm surprised that Erickson hasn't been able to right the ship on offense yet.

    One guy to check out on ASU - freshmen LB Vontaze Burfict - I believe he's number 7. Will be the best linebacker in the country as early as next year, IMO.