Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Defense that is downright offensive

I am currently watching the Red River Rivalry game from last season and have come back to a revelation that I had many times last year: Defense in the Big 12 is much like little league baseball. Defense is that thing they make you do before you get to play offense again.

I am not issuing this as some sort of a challenge to the football gods or whatever, but it is no wonder Go Gator won the BCS National Championship game last year. Oklahoma looks as uninterested in defending anything other than the fake punt as some Class A high school teams in Illinois (again, no affront, just an observation). Texas is only marginally more interested. Both look like they are the first dudes at JR's Bait Shack, just waiting for the Phi Mu's to show up, casually drinking their Natty Light drafts.

If Oklahoma State has the third best defense in the Big 12, the Big 12 defenses had better be a damn site better than they were last year if this is to be their 'dream season'.

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