Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chicks Dig the Longball

Before Joe Cox put his name on the list of Walter Camp Offensive Player of the Week list and the SEC Offensive Player of the Week Award, he did this:

Video compilation by UgaMummra

Yeah, that was impressive. But what was even more impressive? All of his completions were down field. No dinks and dunks here. Going back and looking at the game, I don't know if Matt Stafford ever had as an efficient day at QB as Joe Cox did Saturday. He looked at ease, poised and ready for every play. He had 18 completions and 15 of them were for first downs. I only saw about two passes that were not thrown well. He read the defense and didn't panic, even with pressure. The series at the end of the first half highlighted the Joe Cox we were hoping to see when he came on the field in Stillwater. He completes his first pass on a sharply thrown ball in the middle seam. He gets sacked on the next play, then shakes off a defender on the third play to complete another pass, checking down to AJ Green on the middle crossing route to get the Dawgs to the Arky 14, for a very makable FG attempt to end the half.

So, Joe Cox has a bigger arm than we gave him credit for. I have to admit, I have a bit of a completely normal man crush on him right now.

This and that...
  • I was very happy to see Orson Charles get his first TD grab as a Bulldog. I was excited when Tavares King was given a chance to redeem himself after a couple of drops that would have made Joe's great numbers even better. I am satisfied I was right about those two things, and happy I was wrong about the Dawgs going -2 on TO ratio and winning.
  • Drew Butler showed us something on Saturday. He is much more than a good roll kicker. How clutch was the late punt that pinned the Hogs on the 9 yard line? Huge! He is not, however, a Mitch Mustain (a Nike Elite 11 punter, don't you know).
  • The Defense sure is looking more and more like they did in early 2007. I don't like they way we are playing with having yet to face St. Timmy (or Douche 3:16, as PWD calls him) and Auburn. I do think this sell out to stop the run defense works well with UT and Tech. That makes LSU a pivot game if both UF and Auburn goes downhill.
  • Apparently, the offensive line is really aggressive, based on the copious procedure penalties we saw.
  • Arkansas did exactly what I would have done if I were coaching special teams for them and what I think we will see going forward from our opponents. Teams will look to see if the kick has a shot of going out of bounds. If you field the ball in the corner on the 7 yard line, you stand a little better than even shot of getting the 13 yards to the 20. IF you let the ball bounce, you are almost guaranteed the ball at the 20 and might end up with it on the 40. Raise your hand if you have questions....
  • The similarities of Arkansas and Arizona State are numerous, with one exception: Danny Sullivan will never be confused for Ryan Mallett. Having said that, the Devils are better than they were last year.
  • While we can complain about the rushing game, save one great explosive run set up by the best blocking we have seen all season, it did the job it needed to. Arkansas' linebackers were committed to stopping that run, setting up some nice match-ups for the receivers. Plus, we finally ran a play action. I was worried we gave up on that misdirection crap.
  • It was fun to slap hands with the players and personally 'gradulate them at the end of the game. Pretty cool scene overall.

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  1. All of those throws were things of beauty. However, the one that should strike fear in the hearts of every remaining opposing DC, the dart to Charles in stride. That could be there a LOT this season.