Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Things We Learned on Saturday

Going into the game Saturday night, I, like most everyone else, predicted a close game.  In fact, I said a four point win with a defensive stand at the end for the win is probably all Georgia should expect, and I am proud to say I was right.  Of course, all of us predicted a very low scoring affair.  Money was to be made betting the over (which wasn't 5, as has been previously reported). 

  1. After watching the game again, I found myself prouder and prouder of the way Georgia picked themselves up off the mat. After Georgia gave up the field goal to go down by 10, while only having had the ball for two plays, I would have sworn they were going to fold up like a fat guy sucker punched at Hooters (not autobiographical at all). Perhaps this game is good evidence that whatever problems there were last season are dead.  
  2. I am struck at the number of outstanding athletes on this team.  Much has been written, including some by yours truely about the skill players, but we have some young talent that will be strong after a few more games, and once those players, and their coaches, get going together, we could see the team pull a 2007 style run. Of course, we could still end up 7-5.  Who knows?
  3. Running QBs scare me.  They should make Willie Martinez lose even more hair.
  4. Stephen Garcia is the best QB Spurrier has had at South Carolina.  He had the game of his life on Saturday.
  5. Much has been said about Georgia's zone coverage that seemed to bend quite willingly until the Cocks got inside the 20.  It will work much better when we get a little better pressure from the edge.  To that end, any chance we can run a blitz that involves more than simply pushing seven guys up through the middle of the line?  Not that you can't do it sometimes, just not everytime. I was surprised Georgia didn't trust man coverage at times, but a couple of plays do mitigate in Coach Martinez's favor.  The other thing that stikes me about the scheme is that a conscious decision was made that we wouldn't get beat by the long ball.  I, like everyone, was shocked at how many points the Cocks put on the board, but again, we gave the ball up inside the 35 yard line three times.  Any one of those turnovers don't happen, this is a different game.  Completely different.
  6. It didn't take long to forgive Branden Smith.  I still don't want him returning kicks until he has better field awareness.  He is a special talent, though.
  7. Joe Cox's shoulder ended up being a non-story.  He looked sharper on his throws Saturday.  His continued lack of on field awareness was a big story.  In particular, the interception, which Joe admits to seeing Norwood and still making the throw, was troubling.  No one expects him to come up with a 29 of 35 with 350 yards performance, but certainly no one expects him to throw the ball into coverage while seeing the opponent's most dangerous defensive player just hanging out there.  That isn't leadership, that is six points, every time.
  8. The offensive line and running game is back.  If only Bobo would trust it.  
  9. I am not happy with Georgia's lets show up and see what happens approach to offensive play calling.  Offense should be proactive, not reactive.  Again, the play calling was puzzling at times.  This week, the execution was much better than last. 
  10. Orson Charles should be on the field every time Georgia snaps the ball.  I think he'll become a more important target and become the guy that makes defensive coordinators crazy over how to defend three legit receiving threats.
The biggest thing I learned from this weekend is we still don't know where we are.  Was this like the FSU/Miami game, where we still don't know if that game was a product of two pretty good teams duking it out or simply two evenly matched, but run of the mill teams on the field?  The Houston/OSU game didn't provide any salve, either. 

Finally, I have to admit, I think I'd feel better about this game than if we had won 12-9.  Our running game showed promise.  The passing game was what we would hoped it would be.  The defense played pretty solid overall.  The defensive game plan, while maddening, worked.  If we can limit penalties and turnovers, there is no reason to lose next week or that many more times this year, for that matter.   


  1. I don't know what to think about the Dawgs right now. It seems like, if we were firing on all cylinders, we could be a pretty excellent team. But can we fire on all cylinders? I think we'll know more after Arkansas.

    What do you hear about the Hogs?

  2. Ryan Mallet is about a step faster than me. Their defense apparently looked pretty good against Missouri...State in their only game so far.