Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starting from Scratch

Last year, Furman Bisher did a fluffer piece on Bill Curry and the genesis of the Georgia State Football program.  It is the kind of hard hitting journalism that you have come to expect from Bisher, meaning there were no dangled participles or misspelled words and plenty of mariner metaphors.  Originally, I planned on writing something snarky about Bill Curry and what program he would leave to go coach after the going got tough or how Georgia State started football just to get Curry off of TV.

Instead, this made me think this alters the landscape in college football in Georgia, for certain teams.  The first and most obvious teams that come to mind are the traditional D-1AA powers that draw on Atlanta players: Georgia Southern, Samford, Chattanooga, Furman, Western Carolina and Florida A&M.  While Coach Curry isn't likely to immediately compete for top flight talent against the very top teams such as Georgia Southern, Furman and Chattanooga, his team will immediately take players from Western Carolina, Samford and Florida A&M, considering they can play near home in the Georgia Dome.

Eventually those other schools stand to loose players to a Georgia State program as it improves. In my mind Georgia Southern stands to lose the most.  On a one off basis, I guess I could see Georgia Tech or Georgia losing someone to them, at least down the road, if the player thinks they could get more playing time at Georgia State.  Certainly UAB and Troy might lose some players to them in the near future, especially as the football program improves (keeping in mind what Georgia Southern did, going from no program to national championship in their second varsity season).  If the Panthers happen to get really good, it could become a transfer school of choice for players at UGA or Tech, depending on the offensive/deffensive schemes employed.

That is where it will hurt Tech most.  If there are players looking to leave via transfer, it will be easier for them if they don't even have to leave their apartment to do so, especially if they are going to get playing time immediately. 

What happens 10 years from now?  Will Georgia State move to Division 1? Can they?  If they do, how will it impact Georgia? Georgia Tech? It will be interesting.
At least we don't have to listen to his 'analysis' any more.


  1. Don't forget App State...they have gotten a lot of the guys that Georgia Southern used to get.

  2. I originally had App State in the list (they are hot, hot, hot), but didn't have nearly as many folks on their roster from Atlanta as other teams. Western Carolina was the surprise to me. Nearly a quarter of their roster is from Metro Atlanta.