Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So, football season starts today

Last week, I thought a little about the season opener in Stillwater. I felt then, as I feel now, that I like where Georgia is at mentally. I have to say, I am very happy the team has made it to now with very few distractions and other nonsense, unlike the past few seasons. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for that, but one that cannot be disavowed is the true sense of leadership coming from multiple places on the team.

I don't say that as a way to call out anyone from last season, but it was evident at key points in the season the team lacked leadership in key areas. We all heard (or at least read into) the comments about the team needing to step up. This off season has been about accountability, carrying the load, and everyone stepping up. I like it.

The Dawgs are picked to finish as a ten length runner up to Florida in the SEC East. Here's hoping the prognostications are wrong. The next few days may have a lot to say about that, as training camp injuries ended up playing a big role in the way Georgia lost last season, particularly the Alabama game. I don't know why, and I cannot say with any certainty it isn't just hopeful bravado, but I've got a feeling about this team.

Does Joe Cox=Matt Stafford? Of course not. Does King+Samuel+Thomas=Moreno? I don't see how. Then again, Georgia's greatest teams have rarely been about superstar talent at two positions. Usually, it is about one great player and several other pretty special players or special players on both sides of the ball.

So, who will the special players be. If Joe Cox gets longer than 4 seconds to find AJ Green on less than three on one, as long as AJ isn't 65 yards down field, I like his chances. IF AJ is covered like my daughters will be on their first date, Cox should find Moore, Troupe, White or King plenty open. Plus, King and Samuel are no slouches and can bring game. As a bonus, the D should be pretty close to 2003 2002 levels and certainly will be better than last season. If they get there, we could be in for an awful lot of nailbiting wins.

I've got to be honest, I'll take 3 point wins all season and see you in New Orleans come New Years, thank you very much.

I realize this is a bit of a rambling piece. I realize I might have just predicted a season many think impossible this year. I am just saying my gut, which is substantial, is telling me something. The next few weeks will have a bit to say about my gut, as well. Joe Cox looks like another part of the anatomy, I can easily feel different before we go to Stillwater. Right now, in the basking glow of my living room and a cool beverage in my hand, the possibilities are endless.

Football season starts today. Go Damn Dawgs!

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