Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The SEC West, One Blogger's View

Yesterday, I took a shot at making some uneducated guesses about each team, except for Georgia in the SEC East.

Today, I look at the West:

Alabama:  I am so with Quinton on this one.  Someone has to explain to me how a team that lost two of the best offensive linemen in the game AND is breaking in a new QB in ranked number 5 in the nation.  True, they have Julio Jones and look to be a solid running team, it still escapes me how they will get Julio the ball if Greg McElroy is running for his life. Yeah, the defense will be tough, but a couple of teams, Georgia included, put up solid numbers on them last year.  I just don't see the hype, not that they cannot win the West, someone has to, right?

Arkansas: Bobby Petrino will still be coaching Arkansas at the end of the season...and next.

 Com'on Pig! Suiiee..hey, is that the Lions on the phone?

Auburn:  Gene Chizik is trying to do something Tommy Tubberville couldn't:  Let his offensive coordinator, you know, run the offense.  Chris Todd will not confuse anyone for David Johnson, so Gus Malzahn might want the cover of Chizik messing with his formula.  Chizik, unlike The Kiffer, will not double his career head coaching win total this season.

LSU: Jordan Jefferson looked like a world beater in the Chic-Fil-A Peach Bowl.  Well, not a world beater, but a solid game managing QB.  Add in Charles Scott and the Tigers have plenty of offense to make it happen.  IF the secondary improves any, the Tigers might be able to keep Mississippi and Alabama in deep poo in those games, something that can only mean Les Miles will come up with some shenanigans to win with.

Mississippi: Jevan Snead looks to be the only QB in the confernce to get votes beside TGCPE on a coach's ballot....  Ok, so if Greg Hardy stays healthy on defense and the team in general doesn't have to rely on many second teamers, the Rebs will be in great shape.  However, this is the SEC and the odds of all 22 starters finishing the season as starters is pretty low, so Houston Nutt might have to get used to the Cotton Bowl.

Mississippi State: Dan Mullen is the best hire in the conference this year, and it will show.  The change to the spread (which Mullen helped co-author with St. Urban), will give more opportunities to put Anthony Dixon with the ball in space and take pressure off their woeful offensive line.  At least we probably won't see any 3-2 games out of them this year.  I also look for them to pick off a team they 'shouldn't' beat and perhaps put up the biggest upset of the year in the conference.

October 3rd would be a good time for that upset.

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