Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The SEC East, One Blogger's View

Ok, so it seems that one of the rules for being a blogger is that you must do a season and conference preview. While people with a much better idea of what is going on have written previews, I feel compelled to take a shot at this. Mind you, I am going to limit the bold predictions about final standings, and just stick to general views about what I think will happen with the rest of the SEC East.

Florida: OMG!1! They are the bestest ever. TGCPE is back. All 22 from the two deep on defense are back. Florida will be tough. However, last year showed that even Superman gets the blues. TGCPE isn't going to win the Heisman. He'll be elected President in 2048. He'll lose re-election in 2052 to an upstart from Oklahoma. Florida's 19 70+ year streak with at least one loss is safe.

NOT your 2009 Heisman winner(Image:Rivals).

Kentucky: Coach Brooks has done amazing things with the Wildcats. Unless their big LBers figure out how to play on the line and in the secondary, their offense will have to be more prolific than last year to keep up. Randall 'Tex' Cobb will become the first player in 69 years to throw for, run for, catch a pass for and return a punt for a TD in a single game against Louisville in a wild 52-46 win. As Kyle at Dawg Sports put it "Bowl or no bowl, Brooks will hang up his whistle and hand it over to some other Joker at the end of this autumn."

South Carolina: Good news, the Gamecocks running game looks to be much better, with improved offensive line play and running backs that might have it (by it, I mean anything) together. The bad news is that Garcia is still the QB and hasn't shown much sign of improving. Look for this to be Spurrier's swan song.

Tennessee: The Kiffer has UT set on publicity to success ratio. Eric Berry is a beast at safety and the rest of their defense looks pretty good, as well. The offense however will be one dimensional, with run, run, run. Don't look for Crompton to throw alot. Look for Nick Stephens to throw less. At least The Kiffer will double his career win total this season.

Vandy: Coach Bobby Johnson had a terrific recruiting class. However, that class didn't include any break out, sure fire offensive stars, so they will have to win via defense again this year. That being said, Vandy will make another bowl game, probably in the state of Tennessee again.

Memphis is still in Tennessee, right (Image:Liberty Bowl)?

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