Thursday, August 13, 2009

How cute. The Wildcat.

You might expect a snarky post about the Kentucky Wildcats and believe me, I could write it. However, I am talking about the Florida Gators.
The New Backup for Tebow?

Apparently, TGCPE needs help in the backfield. Florida has been running the Wildcat, with cornerback Joe Haden getting snaps at QB. Regretfully, we know his speed. According to some, he is faster than Terrell Pryor. He was a pretty talented QB in high school, with over 7000 yards and 80 passing TDs, but that is in the Maryland public high school league, where the defensive talent isn't deep. So Haden will be in the role Tim Tebow was in when Chris Leak was starting QB at Florida?

Is it a sign of the apocalypse that Florida is running an offense (nominally) concieved of by Houston Nutt?

Now, I don't believe for a second that Tim Tebow actually needs help running the offense. St. Urban is looking for ways to get playmakers on the field in specific situations. Those situations have to include very short yardage situations, like being at the goal line with two yards to gain. You know, the plays that normally would be Tebow right, Tebow left, Tebow up the middle, Tebow jump pass, or Tebow making all of us better people. That also works to give Tebow fewer big hits on his body. Also, think about having to defend Demps, Rainey and Haden when you are third and goal from the two, with at least one of them having the ability to effectively deliver a pass. I am sure, if they actually implement it, many D coordinators will.

I wonder how this fits with running a more 'pro' style offense this year? I also wonder if this is part of St. Urban's plan to help keep pro scouts from thinking about Tim Tebow, all-SEC fullback/tailback, while keeping the basic premise of the offense the same?

You also have to wonder, is St. Urban looking for his next QB? No word on John Brantley's move to defense.

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  1. I'm still waiting for Tebow to move to linebacker so that Urbie can stick to what he told Jevan Snead.