Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the Cornfield

  • Paul Westerdawg makes sure we all get ready for the increase in night games. Be sure to stock up.
Tell your momma it said sweet tea right on the bottle.
  • David Hale has Richard Samuel leading the running back race, Logan Gray as the number 2 QB, all the safeties in green non-contact jerseys, Evil Richt fighting to get out, and penalties finally rearing their ugly heads.
  • Bernie is blogging like a Manning, Eli that is. I like the format, kind of macro-micro blogging. I know he will be happy to get back on the information dirt road.
  • Cousin Walter gives us his list of villains in college football.
  • Maybe it wasn't all the fault of The Kiffer in Oakland. Maybe it is just the place or the team.
  • Mackie shows why he is better than Mark May, by admitting he missed it.
  • Donnovan Tate isn't playing football for Butch Davis at UNC, at least this season.
  • Mike in Valdosta calls idiocy when he sees it. The Senator just thinks the guy is trying, desperately trying, to be funny.
  • Dawg Stephen wonders who will shine?
  • About Them Dawgs asks "Who is UGA's greatest NFL player?" I loved this list, but my only beef is that I'd put Len Hauss above Jake Scott. On second thought, maybe not.
Jake Scott is waiting to show Terrell Pryor what fast is.

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