Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the Cornfield

  • Nice piece on Georgia Law graduate and Athens native Derrick Dooley on ESPN about Louisiana Tech's upcoming season. No word on which team they face this year has the best kickoff coverage team in the nation. This apple didn't fall far from the tree, based on these quotes.
  • Bernie and Rex keeps us up to date on Clemson's Girdlegate. I have so many jokes and so few lines to include them in.....
  • Paul Westerdawg does his yearly examination of BCS futility. The Dread Pirate Leach, Al Groh, Greg Schiano and Gary Pinkel are on the clock. He asks the rhetorical question, how long should a team wait? I would posit that it depends, considering Bobby Johnson and Rich Brooks are in the second peleton. I don't think anyone could say they haven't been successful. Of course, Tommy Tuberville and Phil Fulmer could say the same thing, but expectations are a bitch, right?
  • Ron Zook's Fighting Illini started fall practice at Camp Rantoul. Hehehehe, I typed toul.....
  • Speaking of, Jay Mariotti is headed back to Chicago, this time writing for The Fib. Luckily, Ozzy Guillen is busy with his AL rookie of the month, so Mariotti won't get banned from a clubhouse he's written plenty about, but never been in. At least for a little while.
  • The Senator is correct, this recruit does have Volunteer written all over him.
  • Sorry. This is just wrong. If a college preseason poll is inacurate, then a high school preseason poll is down right nuts.
  • Cousin Walter has Do you believe the hype, part one and part two. Can't argue with either assessment, but I will say I'll have a hard time believing anything he says in part three tomorrow about Notre Dame, beyond 'their schedule is ridiculously easy this season,.'
  • Matt Hinton calls BS on Terrell Pryor's 40 time. Gosh, 4.33 is faster than I run the 10.
Prior points at himself after catching
a pass he threw to himself

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  1. I once ran from the sofa to the fridge in under 32 seconds. Woulda been under 30 flat, but when I hurdled the sofa...well...