Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day at the park.

We are back at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. I write about
this because it reminds me so much of Holiday Beach, the now closed
amusement park near Douglas, GA. The Holiday World in Georgia was much
more known for its concert venue, where I saw Jerry Lee Lewis and Hank
Williams, Jr. when I was a child. I fact, the concert scenes for the
movie about Hank, Jr. staring Johnboy (Richard Thomas) were filmed
during a concert there. I also saw a little known band from Ft. Payne, by way of Myrtle Beach, named Alabama, just before they hit it big.

I also write about it because I am constantly subjected to hillbilly
jokes, despite the fact that where I am from is far flatter than any
topography in the Midwest, and redneck jokes, which are generally
fair, but by no means does the South have a franchise on Neckius

Just this summer, I have experienced mullet awesomness, complete with
PBR, in the inner mountain West. I wrote about the tatoo ratio and
choice here earlier this summer. I even saw a solid Dokken wifebeater
sported in San Franscisco.

So, we are at the park and having fun. It has finally gotten warm in
the Midwest, so everyone is complaining about the heat. Actually, it
is kind of nice.

Go Dawgs!


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