Wednesday, August 5, 2009

David Hale: The man, the myth, the legend...

I'll give you a few seconds to re-read his post on what Kyle
"rat(ed) somewhere between "Urban Meyer is going to Notre Dame" and "Lane Kiffin has a plan" on the preposterosity-o-meter."
When someone starts with me on the "Richt BETTER get it done this year" or "Richt BETTER fire Willie" or "That Ishtar WAS a good movie," I usually just shake my head and think that person needs to get some perspective. The only time I have actively engaged in the debate, the only real argument I could come up with was "You ARE an idiot."

Thank goodness, David Hale laid out what I wanted to say, but couldn't figure out how to say it.
Hale points out the obvious, rational part of the argument, that Mark Richt has a tremendous record as football coach, wining almost 80% of his games. He points out that Mark Richt also led Georgia to a tie with LSU for the best record of all SEC teams during his tenure. The part I couldn't get right was what Hale nailed: Who would you trade Mark Richt for?

Think about that, who?

I will grant that just because you like someone isn't a good reason to hang on to them as coach. But as Paul Westerdawg pointed out during the Auburn coaching change debacle, if you are going to fire someone who has brought you great success, you at least should improve. Otherwise, you are just...Auburn. Or Nebraska. Or UCLA. Or Tennessee.

Hale lists the active coaches that have proven they can win a championship, by virtue of having won one. The list is a who's who: Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Mack Brown, Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops, Nick Saban, Jim Tressel, Butch Davis, Phil Fulmer (potentially active), Bobby Bowden, Steve Spurrier, Joe Paterno and Dennis Erickson.
Hale saved his money shot for last:
"But here's the question I want to ask that vocal minority (and anyone else who wants to answer it): Look at that list again and tell me, which of those coaches would drop what they're doing now to come to Georgia? And of those, is there even one that you'd spend more than two seconds considering swapping Mark Richt for?"
I have read that paragraph five times and am struck by the simplicity and power of it. The answers are no one and no one, forever and ever. Amen.
I'm just sayin'....

I love y'all this much.


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