Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ah, The Weekend.

  • Arkansas Expats have a funny post on which SEC coach would be the best to go on a road trip with. Couldn't agree more with the bottom two (Saban and St. Urban). No way I put Spurrier at number one (Houston Nutt, anyone). I also think Richt would be fun, in a permissive, don't get into too much trouble way. However, I gotta say, The Kiffer is way too low at 10. That dude knows how to party. Plus, have you seen his wife? Just sayin'.
  • Quinton points out that Mack Brown and Mark Richt have some serious parallels in their coaching careers. I would say that in this point in Richt's career, he is in front of Brown, since Brown essentially served an apprenticeship at North Carolina where he developed the relationship with Greg Davis, and the approach that has brought success to Texas.
  • Nebraska blog Big Red Network had an interesting exercise for pre-season fan workouts that culminates with this question: "Would you rather go 8-4 and win the Big 12 North or 10-2 and not?" It is an interesting question, and one that honestly I don't know how to answer.
  • Tim at MGoBlog has a pretty good post on spread offenses and defenses catching up to them. Although, I don't know how you can ever have that conversation without including Florida, even if they are not in the top 10 in total offense.
  • TrojanWire runs down the QB situation at USC. Short version: Aaron Corp gets hurt. Matt Barkley, as a true freshman, will probably start for the Trojans. No word on if Mitch Mustain is still fourth string or third string (designate).
No, Mitch, you are still at least third string.
  • Bernie explores the dichotomy between Georgia and Florida's recent coaching vs player changes. I had to look up dichotomy. I though it might be the first step in a gender reassignment surgery.
  • The Senator asks, metaphorically of course, is Rocky Top Talk living in 2002? On one hand, it is flattering to think Georgia is the biggest game on the slate for the Volunteers. On the other, the unwritten "of the games I think we can actually win" that is a part of this analysis just pisses me off. Of course, there are some parallels for Georgia Tech's 2008 season there, as well. The Jacket's were made with their win against the Dawgs.
  • I guess there is some sort of karmic symmetry to Tony Gilbert being on the receiving end of Matt Stafford's first professional interception. As Jimmy Cracked Corndawg texted me, "Oh, Matt. You STILL can't do that, son."
Enjoy your weekend. I know I am.
Of course, Coach Brooks, you can come on the road trip,
but you have to bring your friend (Image: UK Athletics).

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