Friday, August 21, 2009

Ah, the Weekend - Special Hate Edition

Oh, yeah. Now I am feeling it.

I remember that I hate Georgia Tech.

Last fall, I engaged in a bit of a debate with Travis Fain about if it was 'ok' to lose to Georgia Tech. At the time I said that a season, to me, doesn't hinge on one game, a notion I still agree with. The debate has been engaged in and will continue to be engaged, but I fall firmly in the 'Florida is the most important team to beat' camp. Part of that is where I am from, part is the ongoing fact that a win against Florida means a likely date in Atlanta in early December. I have never liked Auburn, but I don't harbor the animosity some do. By some, I mean Kyle King. However, I don't like losing to Tech, but doing so doesn't automatically doom a season to badness.

When you grow up here, you just hate Florida more.

In that thread, I posited that there was a hidden silver lining to the Georgia Tech loss. Say it was wake up call that wasn't answered after Alabama, Florida, Kentucky or Auburn (or LSU, if I am being honest). There was difference in mindset and approach in the preparations for Michigan State and it paid off to the tune of a 24-12 win, with only 235 yards of total offense given up against at team with a stellar running game and back in Javon Ringer.

I also noted the other day that Georgia Tech was made after their win in Athens. Nearly everyone has mentioned Tech's win over Georgia in justifying their ranking to start the season. It is almost like the Peach Bowl never happened. In a turn in logic I cannot understand, those same people point to Georgia's 'dissapointing' season and how maybe the Dawgs were not a good as anyone though after all. While that is a whole other post waiting to happen, I just want to make sure I get this right: Georgia Tech is awesomeness because they beat Georgia and Georgia was overrated? Huh?

All that being said, I don't like Georgia Tech very much. I usually am not that upset when they win, unless it is when they beat Georgia. However, the way the average Georgia Tech fan has handled winning has really upset me (there have been some exceptions, with my closest Tech fans being gracious and only moderately annoying). I get it. It has been many, many years. Ok. I will say that as a rule, I don't engage in debate with idiots. They will bring you to their level and beat you with experience. Every time. I will stay with that rule again and not challenge Tech fans to a debate about what I am about to say.

"Georgia Tech ain't back." Yeah, that's right. Not. Back.

Bulldog Josh at Bubby 'n Earl noted the phone call he got this week begging him to buy season tickets to Georgia Tech. He bought a flex pack of tickets a few years back (as many, many Georgia fans did) to ensure good tickets for the Tech game in Atlanta. Now, they are calling him, a mere two weeks before the season begins, asking him to buy tickets again.

Any Tech fan out there thinking the order has changed needs to remember this one thing: Even if you win this year (which it is too early for me to say if that is going to be the case), the state of Georgia will belong to the Dawgs at least until your own fans start supporting the team in sufficient numbers that you can sell out a 55,000 seat stadium.

If there are so many Tech people out there that we Georgia grads are allegedly working for, then why can't all of those bosses afford $275?
This and $2.35 will get you decent seats AND a cup of coffee.


  1. Good to see you're still wearing the red and black surrounded by all that orange up there!! Take care.

  2. hey, totally love this post. I too agree that the Florida game is the most IMPORTANT. If we win it in 2002, and we had the better team, then we have the argument that Auburn had in 2004 for the BCS game.

    Funny the three years we have been to the dome have all been loss to Florida years, when the 2 yrs we beat them we were out of the dome because of a loss to Tennessee. when we CLEARLY had better team and didnt perform. Anyway, Go dawgs. THWGT.


  3. I grew up in Waycross and I feel the same way.

  4. I hate Georgia Tech for James Forrest hitting that miracle three pointer at the buzzer to beat us in the 2nd round of the '92 tourney with our best team ever and a clear shot at the Final 4 as the best seeded team left in our region. And I hate CBS for continually showing it on commercials.

    On a side note - did Paul Finebaum really write an article this week saying Richt is on the hot seat? While this may not quite be as asinine as his pathetic hit piece on Meyer blaming him for the Utah loss (sticking up for Meyer makes me sick) - it's close.

  5. Yeah, Fienbaum wrote that. Saban has locked down Bama's camp and Auburn people are numb to his burn, so he decided to poke a different animal. Richt is on the hot seat in the same way Kobe Bryant is.

  6. I completely agree with you that it is more important to beat Florida for the season as a whole. All the best talent is in Florida. However if we are able to beat Florida then beating Tech should be a mere formality. Currently, IT IS NOT.

    Despite the great success we have had in recruiting this year in the state of Florida, we need our in-state talent just as much if not more. This past year in the ATL, Tech fans have become quite confident of themselves. I think it is important that the Dawgs beat them back with a broom this year at Bobby Dodd to reestablish who is "top dawg" in the state so to speak.

    Also, I think being the dominant program in the state shows stability and that keeps outsiders like Nick Saban and Urban Meyer out. Saban and Meyer has had great success in recruiting in Georgia this spring and summer. Beating Florida would be great but I think beating Tech this year should be a priority.

  7. Definitely cannot grow up in Patterson without a hatred of the gators! I too had almost forgotten how much I disliked tech.

    Personally, I don't think scoring will be the issue either, nor the interior lines. I do believe that if we don't get some pressure on the QBs early and often, our DBs may be in for a long year. There seems to be many more strengths than weaknesses. Go Dawgs!

  8. You are completely dead on with this post.