Sunday, August 16, 2009

1981 Sugar Bowl on ESPN Classic

It will be on at about 5:05pm Central.

Update, the Dawgs still won.......

My kids got to watch the '81 Sugar Bowl for the first time. Sorry to be that guy, but I am:

My daughter is bowing to the awesomeness that is Buck Belue's hair.

My son was worried that Jeff Hipp was going to get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

My daughter celebrates Mike Fisher's interception. She didn't jump as high as he did.


  1. Someday, I can assure you, someday, that little girl is going to be very angry with her father about these pics....

    Go job of teaching them their heritage! Go Dawgs!

  2. Do you have a copy of the game you would like to share, I am trying to get together as many games as I can with Hershel Walker that I can.